Bruce's Tree Database

Development version

About this Tree Atlas.

This software combines a database of trees (a tree register if you will), with a mapping function, so that each tree is located on an interactive map.

The map shows trees which have had location data recorded against them..

If you click on a tree marker on the map, it will give some basic information for that tree, and a link to take you to the tree record.

If you have logged in, a location dialog is displayed in the lower right corner. Clicking on any location on the map (such as an unrecorded tree) will update the location, and you can add a tree record with that location.

Such things as map "home" and zoom, can be configured for each instance of the software.

The tree database has multiple fields that can be used to record data against each particular tree. Which fields are to be used and displayed (for each database installation) can be configured via the admin page.

Each tree record can have multiple "observations" added to it, thus providing an ability to track a tree's progress.

Equally, each tree can had a sequence of photographs attached to it, thus keeping a record of tree development. The most recent photograph is used as a "current" photo, but this can be configured for each tree if desired.

Users can be managed via the admin page (which is only available if you are logged in with sufficient rights.)


Auth Level


Public Access

Privileged Public


(un-used) ... maybe use to add or edit records, but not delete.



Standard user level can add or delete records & observations etc.

Privileged Member


Privileged member can manage users and configure which tree fields will be available.



(unused) sysadmin type access to database management pages.